1. Sorry: I can't understand what Maria is talking based on her constant overly loud and aggressive voice that hurts my ears and forces me to lower the volume to a minimum. The voice of the interviewer is gentle and pleasing. Pity that I needed to stop listening @13:54. Her voice stresses me out so that no content comes across.

  2. She seems like a lovely woman. I do worry about children who are homeschooled however, and when she said they don't even know what McDonald's is… it's one thing to eat a good diet but another thing to be raised separate from our society. I am glad they are getting healthy but unfortunately I have seem many of these children in America who grow up being homeschooled and overly protected by their parents, and they become so disconnected and eccentric that they have a hard time if they ever go to college or work a job. I hope she will at least take the children to church or another place where they can interact

  3. It’s shameful that so many people are attacking her size. Why is it socially acceptable to attack a slimmer person via internet/social media but not an obese person? Both should be unacceptable. Learn what you can from her if you want or don’t. But I have to wonder if we’re so desensitized to seeing most of America with an epidemic of obesity that we see a woman who is healthier weight that we jump to assume she’s anorexic. Anorexia is not only about a size but a mental state of mind and perception of their own body. Kudos to Maria for teaching others and living a healthy lifestyle!

  4. I love to cook, it's my creative & stress outlet. Since starting Keto, a year ago, I noticed that u cook a lot but I'm not always hungry. I have a fully stocked freezer. My friends tease me that I can feed a whole platoon at a moments notice (I live in a military town).

  5. I am a fan of keto, having really amazing results so far, but I am sorry to say that I cannot listen to this lady any longer. Her voice going up at the end of most sentences and the "um" in every other sentence. No.
    Thank you for putting the message out though. Not sure about the "cleanse" aspect.

  6. I am just starting out with this keto diet. I can't do night shades and I am a picky eater. I want to do the 30 day healing and weight loss. Can I exchange eggs in purgatory for something else that will replace the same amount of calories,fat ,protein,carbs and fiber in a replacement for example the eggs purgatory. I am basically looking for food exchange while I am doing the 30 if there is something that I don't like.

  7. 7:18 I am shutting it down. I can't stand when someone has a continuous up-talk. It sounds to me like she is not sure what she's talking about or whether what she is saying is correct.

  8. "Upspeak" , rising inflection was predominate in the beginning of this interview and drives me nuts, thankfully things got better. I did not think I was going to be able to stay at first.
    Good interview, interesting experience…

  9. hm yeah, cool. But does no one wonder why Maria looks borderline anorexic here?! Look at that pointy chin and emaciated face, look at these shoulders and the veins popping out?! The hands?! not cool!!! Maria should maybe stop talking and detoxing for a second and EAT.

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