1. Thank you so much! I'm 46 and had stopped working out for the past 3 years. I'm starting again with your workout, and I love the way it was developed to push towards the end. Appreciate it!

  2. I want to thank you both so much for helping me get my life back on track these workouts have truly saved me. It feels great to be my normal self again and to see my progress over the last several months. Please don't stop what you're both doing it has helped so many people tremendously!!

  3. Thank you for all you do♥️. Helping more people and making a difference more than you realize! I just found you, and I can’t get enough of these beginner/standing workouts! Also easily bored so looking forward to doing this today.

  4. I am enjoying the HASfit videos a lot! I am experienced, but like the option to do something low key when I'm not in the mood for a more intense workout. One small issue with this video: At the beginning, you say that we only need weights or water bottles, but the plank move is not possible without a mat or a towel if you're on a hard floor like the one I work out on. Could you add a note at the beginning (caption) about that?

  5. Awesome workout to start my day (3:18 am EST). Yes, I sleep and wake up thinking HASFIT because it works holistically for me:::))) Thanks to Coach Kozak and Claudia!!!!

  6. ik this video is kinda old but holy crap this still works so nicely so good to have a nice workout format and great instructors as well!

  7. What shall I say unto Coach Kozak and Claudia? All I have to say is thank you for giving back to humanity, wishing you the best in life and God bless you!!!!!! I am going to sleep like a baby after this workout tonight:::)))

  8. I feel so good and grateful to Coach Kozak and Claudia for this doable and effective workout!!! HasFit workouts work for me and I am giving back to support HasFit cause to keep enhancing human physical and emotional balance by donating to HasFit Patreon. Grateful to God I found HasFit workout!!!

  9. This is the first video I've watched of yours and I'm sold! Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspired all the way through. I loved that you offered variations and talked about how to correctly do each exercise. Cant wait for the next training day! Lots of fun but definitely challenging.

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