1. FOR THIS WHOLE CHALLENGE: You will need a kettlebell 6-8kgs or heavier, pair of dumbbells 2 kgs, 3kgs, 5kgs or heavier, a thigh band and a long resistance band (the lightest thinnest kind). If you are intermediate or advance choose a resistance/weights/kettlebell that is so heavy that your last repetition (12 or something like that) is a struggle to perform with right form. That's how heavy I go normally when I train. But be careful and always keep a good form or you might hurt yourself.

  2. Hello! All your videos is abstatic ! Now i want to see a video on how to increase breast size naturally with or without equipment .. hope will take my words into consideration thanks 😘

  3. Great trainer and channel..going to start the challenge…so no day off? I usually workout 5 days a week and 2 days off..i hope i can make it..thank you very much for this :))

  4. Honestly thank you for making all these workouts and these plans for free. It's great that we have so much open to us.

    Just a little question though do you think you could put a timer that lets us know how close we are to being done, it really helps with motivation

  5. I was sick for 3 weeks now and unfortunately had to stop trainings. Today I decided to start slow by doing this one and I felt so good. Also I really like that applauds at the end of the video and that you made it a bit personal and gave a little speech 😊 thanks for your hard work ☺️

  6. MAN I'M SOOOOOOO DONE! I can feel my whole body and it's exhausting but feels so damn good. I'm looking forward for tomorrow's training 🙂

  7. Excelente as always. I’m exercising with you since February 2018 and I will for as long as you are keep making videos THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘

  8. 🎉Happy New Year!
    👍Thank you I had fun on day #1😅 I am glad I found your channel last year and subscribed. You are an awesome generous person for doing a 365 Days Challenge💪 I am committed to exercising with you each day of 2019✌

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