1. I always find Daniel's workouts very hard , half of the time I cant get the posture right and the other half I fall to the ground ???? I burn more with Kelli's workout as I can be more effective with her workouts .

  2. Doing this after people who get bored easily strength upper body can’t even do the side planks my arms were giving up on me damnn!

  3. Daniel always motivates me to use weights when doing this workout which is a thing I never do when doing core workouts. I used weights close to his for every exercise and pushed myself hard and I’m so proud of myself ???? Hopefully I’ll feel this in my abs tomorrow ????#FBAbs2 Day 3 complete! 09.05.19

  4. The russian twists and bent over twists were so hard! And the shell extensions are amazing and quite surprising! Great workout, thank you Daniel!

  5. The Side Hip Raise's position makes it hard to place your feet in a comfortable position.
    WOOOWWWWW just got an ad by SubWay! Thanks for the torture, FitnessBlender!

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