1. Thank you for training with me and sharing with others! This is an ADVANCED and INTENSE Total Body Pilates Abs Workout…proceed with caution. I enjoyed filling this routine with lots of challenging classic Pilates exercises. Are you ready?
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    Sean…and Addie

  2. Great workout with new favorites…Enjoyed the Arabesques, the Shoulder stands with scissors…the Snakes and Twists were oh, so rewarding after the Shoulder stands…and the Forward-fall Mudra…awesome way to finish an awesome workout!!!

  3. The “snake & twist,” would be my fave! Loved the entire workout!! You are totally amazing Sir… the satisfaction you have brought to me is immense. I have osteoporosis in my left hip. I would ache at Night as I was laying in bed….no more!!!! I had back surgery roughly, 9 years ago. (fluke deal) just walking and my back goes out. I began experiencing a lot of stiffness and achiness in my lower back. At the time I was lap swimming. Found you….I am in heaven and very indebted to you, Sean Vigue. Thank You for all you do and have done for me and I will be doing your workouts for the next 30 years. (90 years old🤪) I was going to post this on your page, but wasn’t sure if that would be the appropriate 🤷‍♀️💃💃💃. All you folks out there, I have been following Sean for about nine months now….stick with it and Sean, you will see and feel results!

  4. Wow..this was almost twice the length I normally pick but it flew by.. I very much enjoy the balance poses.. its such a challenge to stay calm and not loose balance. For me it's almost like meditation. There is no chance for my mind to wonder anywhere when I'm trying to hold a still boat or even the open and close ones.. just love it!

  5. Bummmer couldnt do this work out today hurt ma foot , but still couldnt stop watching these fun moves and thinking about how great its gonna feel everywhere!~~~♡□¥{₩¿□♤~€

  6. Great workout as always, thanks Sean! That lil tidbit about ninjas moving without sound was very helpful to me, i noticed that i was slamming my hands down. sorry, but not a fan of the tree hug!

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