1. Thank You, for joining PopSugar, really amazing workout, I did it just now, and I feel superhero 😂❤️.

    It’s burned 189 Active Calories, and 246 Total Calories. “According my Apple watch”

  2. This is amazing. Stacey is amazing. I watch a lot of your videos and she is by far my favorite. It was so fun and I'm pouring sweat. I would love to see more of Stacey!!

  3. I’m a curvaceous gal who works out every single day. I’ve lost 40 lbs doing videos with Anna and Deja and the other instructors, but this made me admire Pop Sugar Fitness even more. It’s a glorious thing to see a curvaceous woman unapologetically leading workouts and killing it! OMG, Stacey has the best dance moves!

  4. Oh this was so fun! I had knee surgery this year and Im not allowed to jump for a few months. But this was totally perfect for me. Challenging and heart pumping without pain and I was able to actually enjoy the modifications. (Let's be honest – a lot of modifications for cardio videos are SO boring- basically just squats for half an hour). Also I love Stacey! I would workout with her every day if I could.

  5. Omg just 10 minutes in i felt BURNING ❤️ this works like magic so much! Its so fun yet so healthy! ❤️ first time on your channel! Love this so much !! ❤️❤️

  6. aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Freakn Ru PAul!!!!!!! That one song of his ruined that dance term forever!!!! It's not "sachet"!!! That's a bag!!! The word is CHASSÉ !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Okay, who else hit the LIKE button as soon as they saw the thick instructor before even starting the workout?

    This popped up in my notifications and since I'd done pylojam before this was a cool workout since I haven't exercised in 9 days (crazy work schedule). Funny thing is that I burned a lot more calories then I expected. I like Stacey as an instructor!!!

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