1. I love Christa's workouts. I was excited when I saw that it was finally here, that I did it immediately! I loved it! I think its my favourite Christas workout so far! I was sweating and I liked that the focus was on the legs but still an intense cardio workout. Thank you so much Christa and Popsugar!!!!

  2. WARNING- if you have anxiety this workout is for you!
    I had such a tight chest from being anxious and after I finished it I felt normal again. Definitely an amazing stress buster!

  3. This is an awesome workout. I used to do this one more often along with other kick boxing routines, then I switched it up and did other workouts for a while. When I came back to this workout today, it totally kicked my butt!!

  4. I love this workout! It was a challenge to keep up with some of the choreography this first time around but I like that, because it keeps my mind off how hard I'm working! I also liked that there were modifications, esp, with some of the tuck jumps and pushups….which I had to follow Anna for. I broke my arm two months ago, so I'm glad that I can still do a majority of this workout.

  5. I've never been into kick-boxing workout at all. But now I've realized why. It's so important who is the trainer. 🙂 Thanks to you Christa DiPaolo you showed me I can enjoy and do this workout. Made me sweat a really lot… so I think it's now one of my favourite. Good job guyz and I really love Popsugar Fitness chanel. I hope you guyz won't stop, never.
    XoXo: one fan from Hungary. :3

  6. The best workout I've done by Christa! Even though it's short, the intensity & calorie burn was high b/c of the kicking (no "filler" moves). I loved it!

  7. I started off OK with this, but then the instructions got too quick and I was getting lost. I'd prefer more time took for explaining what one should be doing, or slowly increasing in complexity instead of doing about six moves early on.

  8. Christa's workouts are my favorite ones! The energy and excitement she brings to the workouts makes them super fun! They're the ones I always come back to. I'd love to see more variations of punch combos from her in future videos!

  9. Dont know if yall have ever done any but I currently have a herniated disc in my lower back & have had since little chronic pain in my neck so can't do crunches or anything that strains that area for core workouts…I'm looking for workouts that will help tone and build strength but feel so limited in what I can do, especially workouts that won't put strain on the lower back. I want to do more workouts at home but don't know which videos will be safe enough while still challenging my body.

    Any specific past workouts you all have that you can recommend? Or any chance you can create new videos to cater to those specifically with lumbar herniated discs? I see a preggo lady in this video so will attempt this workout ^_^

  10. Love this! I had a postpartum depression with my third child. Therapy, partly to talk about it, but also put time for yourself through eg exercise has been gold worth. These kickboxing videos and just having a smile on my lips throughout the workout while the sweat drops, have helped me a lot! Christa, your workouts are the best! You and Anna do my days 💓 love from Gotland sweden

  11. You are amazing, you have a way of motivating people back home with just your energy and words. Many Trainers fail to do so inspite of being physically present. Love your work outs… super sore int the days to follow… but that just means it's Workinggg . Thank You… so much

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