1. Joe, Thanks so much for waking up my muscles. I was wondering, like some others if you were faking the intensity moaning and groaning to make us feel better, but I don't think so any more. I was raised on a dairy farm so I knew what working out is. I am a 62 year old female and haven't been farming in 20 in 20 year. I have consistently worked with aerobic videos quite a bit and weights a little, but never really liked the weights that much. I did skip the past year with cardio due to a previous doctors bad advice. New doctor says listen to my body.A couple of weeks ago, I started slowly with your hiit sessions and although I worked up a good sweat, breathed hard, and felt burn while woking out; I was wondering why I wasn't even feeling the burn nor any soreness the next day. I NOW KNOW many of my muscles were dead or in a deep rip van winkle sleep through the years and your sessions have activated and woke them up with a beautiful vengeance. Thank so much and also, a great big thanks for the warms ups and cool down that I never did. I don't even mind clicking different videos.In fact, I think I prefer choosing my on of the several videos you offer. Thank you for wanting the whole world to be health and fit.

  2. Puuh great workout!! I really enjoyed it :)) Can you maybe tell me which timer you use and how many calories approximately this burns? Thank you!!

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