1. I love your workouts because you don't spend 5 minutes talking before exercising. I think some of the exercisers don't really want to work out. I love your enthusiasm and creativity. Workouts aren't boring.

  2. Thank you, Jessica Smith for sharing your workouts ! Thank you for sharing heal th. Because of you i feel amazing! Your gorgeous personality make people happier. You have psychological skills which are stress relieving and healing body and brain from bad emotions. I can add that you spent lot of our money. Not everyone want go to gym and don't have time for that. Home workouts are the best decision for many of us. You make me amazing gift. Have a great women's day tomorow <3

  3. Enjoyed this one today as part of the #januaryjumpstart Challenge. I didn’t get to do it earlier on in the week as I got my Steady State by doing a hike. Nice to do today to get some extra steps into my day. Really enjoying the challenge picking and mixing from YouTube and Jessica’s professional productions.

  4. After taking an unexpected day off yesterday due to getting my second round of the rabies vaccine (preventative, for work!), which apparently wiped me out, I got Day 2 of Week 2 of the January 2019 Challenge done. I like this steady state cardio routine. Always feel good afterwards! Thanks again!

  5. I really enjoyed rediscovering this walk this morning. A good way to get some sweat in and some extra steps in this morning. Looks like I will be “rediscovering” more of the Fall Back into Fitness routines as I am going to plan them into my schedule for the next few weeks. Thanks Jessica this one is so good and I love the lively upbeat music too.

  6. Wait.. Peanut was there but just disappeared at 27.44 and then Jessica jokes that she turns up at the end when it's all over.. Poor Peanut! Great workout though x

  7. Thanks for a great workout. Heading to a bootcamp class tomorrow, this was just what I needed to get my body ready. Love your videos and buy your DVD's to mix in with my classes.

  8. Thank you so much Jessica, this morning I woke up with a strained and painful neck, I took a painkiller, which did but little to help, I
    wanted to take another pill, but decided to wait, and by the time I finished doing your class the pain was gone completely.That was probably what I needed, an energetic movement of my body, It also helped to shift my feelings to be more happy

  9. Your Videos are awesome. They are such a good mixture and the titles suit the content! I was looking for something that will challenge my heart just a little bit comfortly and this was JUST that. 🙂 Very happy. Thank you!

  10. Hi Jessica,
    first of all I want to thank you for making these super useful exercises. They have really changed the way I exercise. It has become to much more low effort to do, and and I'm so glad the exercises and moves are very easy to do, yet can be made very heavy. Not crawling around on the floor or climbing walls while you walk on your hands upside down and dance zumba while doing it. These are just my level!
    But I'm wondering. I just did this workout video now. And I'm happy I did. But I have this annoying feeling that I should have done something tougher, something super challenging and get super high HR and my muscles should scream…. I did the first video in the fall back into fitness, on saturday. My muscles are still sore. And like you said, its good to have a stable cardio workout sometimes, just to get the HR and breath a bit up. But I still feel a bit like my effort now is not "good enough", I'm a big girl and I should be busting my ass off, and I feel simply guilty for not doing that assbusting superexercise that I feel society wants us to do every single time since we're out of shape. Like you have to accomplish, to perform and bust your ass off every single time. Which is why I end up giving up exercising most times, because I dont have the energy or motivation to bust my ass off everytime. Which is why I liked this video.
    I know its messed up to think like this, but do you have any tips or advice on how to turn around this thinking, and the anxiety for not performing?

  11. Jessica it feels so good to workout to one of your videos I fell off the wagon like six months ago work has become so overwhelming I let it get in the way and today I decided to get my ass up and workout for the first time in about six months and you were the first person that came to mind I love love love your videos so much thank you for everything you do along with peanut ! ❤

  12. I'm from Algeria. thank you so much Jessica. you make me loving exercises. but during the workouts, I feel some pain at the level of my knees and my shoulders joints. please. answer me. ( N.B I am 29 years old woman and I am a beginner )

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