1. you have honestly the worst taste in music. why do you ruin the workouts with this crap? i am not shopping at H&M or crying over some guy. I'm here to work out… PLEASE stop making workouts where you select the music! make them silent with the bell so we can choose our own.

  2. This was really nice! I like that abs/legs excs in your HIIT! More than 320kc burned today (warm-up /cooldown in). Thank you Heather 🙂

  3. WOW!!! I am sore from weights 3 x this week, so this was PERFECT to help work out the lactic acid and move! It was not easy – Saving as a favorite short workout! WOOT

  4. great workout! love the new format as the really hard exercises can be over and done with and I don't end up dreading them the entire time. But at the same time my heart rate was always elevated!

  5. hI there heather
    today i cldnt wake up for my mornimg jog woke up 1hr after
    but i told my husband am gona do homeworkout instead (i didnt want to miss my workout / i run+ do abs)
    Well being a run fanatics i hat following youtube workout videoes
    but yrs came up on my Utube
    and caught my attention and this is me writing this after the workout done 😂
    P.s use to do a HIIT training before and stopped for like 1 yr
    Guess u put me back on it
    You like so genuine to me
    cheers much love
    from Mauritius

  6. Heather, I love love working out with you. You are my style, no nonsense and fast paced. Feel like we’re friends, you have a beautiful soul! @heatherrobertson btw – this workout wear is from????

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