1. Hi Robin ♥️
    We've been hanging out the past few days and I'm really appreciating you! Your my fav.
    Would you please do more vids on the reformer? Arms, core ( muffin top 😳)?
    Thank you! ♥️🤗♥️

  2. That was great! I am new to Pilates, I have an AeroPilates 5006 (?). I've been exploring Youtube for instruction. I have just consulted with my sports doctor about my right soas, my right knee, my right foot, and even my right thumb, because of pain, falls, balance issues. I also ride a roadbike and try to put in 100 miles or so a week on it, with hills and traffic situations to keep me on my toes. I see this is from 2016, so I am going to see if you have more. Mahalo!

  3. This is my favourite youtube workout, thanks Robin. I can't always see the laptop screen easily when I'm lying back on the reformer so it's helpful to continually hear instructions and tips. I hope you'll post more reformer workouts on youtube in the future.

  4. So glad I found this workout it’s great for daily workout and not too long. It keeps moving at a pace in which you can follow by listening. Can’t wait to see others.

  5. Thanks for the great video! I’ve done it twice this week and love it! I have a bad back and need to get in shape again. I really feel my core with this and I know a strong core is the key!

  6. One more: Are you saying Pilates Stance and what does this mean? I just enrolled in your new mat class and am really looking forward to it. Have had a challenging year and working hard to resume consistent exercise routine. Just love your approach.

  7. Thanks Robin I really enjoyed this workout. You have such a lovely calm presence and your instruction & cueing was spot on. Look forward to doing more of your classes. Thanks again. 🙂

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