1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO and all your video of work out i am french and i love this work out! this is so hard and same time so amazing because i burn my fat lol love you!

  2. I switched to your workouts after following another very famous HIIT trainer. I was barely losing any weight or gaining any kind of shape. Your workouts are so much more intense, and people have noticed how much weight I have dropped in the last couple of months! I'm really happy, thank you!

    Could I make a request for more 30 minute HIIT workouts please? They work so well for me around work and my kids 😊

  3. Really enjoyed this workout! Not as much repetition and There was enough variety to keep me going. I also liked the warm up and cool down aspects of the work up built in!

  4. This is actually the first workout video I disliked. Especially to everyone new in fitness the combinations of making two exercises in one is just senseless bc you dont really get to concentrate and neither a mind-muscle-connection….

  5. I just came across your videos yesterday & started working out again.. you motivated me! Your videos are perfect for someone getting back on the wagon.. and I love that I can do this at home because I’m not ready to go back into the gym just yet! This helps me build some stamina & confidence! Thank you! ❤️

  6. Always love doing your cardio but this is too short, prob like only 20 mins aft the warm up and cool down.

    Pls do a 45-60 mins cardio workout soon.
    Thanks ❤️

  7. Thank you Heather !! I’m 62 years old and love HiiT workouts. I can always do your workouts and substitute moves that are not hard on my knee when necessary. Thank you so much for inspiring me and many others!! You are never too old!

  8. This one was so challenging!! But that's why I show up here every day, to be pushed further than I think I can go. Thanks!!! PS: I love that you started adding warm ups and cool downs ☺️The videos are a one stop shop for a busy gal like myself!

  9. WOW – This workout beat the crap out of me …. especially those FROG HOPS killed me……I was literally drenched by the time I got to those. KILLER WORKOUT. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you, Heather. It was a challenging one! Lunge + burpee probably the hardest part at least for me. I'm happy that I did it! 253kcal during less than 29' it is a great result 😉

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