1. Kinda bummed – was looking for a 30 minute Hip Hop workout, but got a 15 minute workout with 15 minutes of floor work (which I hate to do). Good workout though, just wish I realized that it was just 15 minutes of dance before I started.

  2. this vid is 30 min but i end up spending 1hr because i have to repeat the steps to learn them but i still had fun! have always look for a medium level hip hop workout that i can enjoy! hope to see more of this!

  3. Today 1 im doing 15 minutes a day mainly because i fell like it would help feel like nothing but a lot more then i usally do wish me luck for tommorow

  4. Michael you are so kind! I really enjoy your class, i laugh and know i wanna take hip hop classes. Thank u. And Thank u to Pop sugar. So nice people. Keep doin it!
    Pd: the end of the class make my gratitude come out! Xoxo.

  5. Really enjoyed this! I love how your workouts always have modifications, makes it doable for everyone, not just super fit people!

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