1. I dont usually work with my kettlebells but I have been craving something different. I LOVED THIS!!! Thanks so much Coach & Claudia xoxox <3 Keep em coming!!!

  2. Love all your workouts! Just wondered if you could put the exact workout time in the title. I am often on a time limit. This one is 11 minutes longer than stated. Thanks 😉

  3. Your inspirational comments during my work out I like to cuss and scream back at you. But afterwards I know I would slow down and not keep going if it wasn't for your comments. So thank you!

  4. This is just an awesome channel. I mean you think about everyone! I am a 200 pound lady and the beginner videos are perfect! It has been about two weeks now and I plan on sticking with it. Please don't ever leave me.

  5. Can you make sure to mention the weight you both are using? It gives us some point of reference. How much are you both using here? Thanks!! Loving the KB workouts!

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