1. Patrick Unrein
    Hi Amy-

    I don’t know if you monitor this channel anymore or not, but I’ve recently come off a back injury sustained while pedaling up a steep hill on a bicycle. I also have four bad discs in my back in the lumbar area. Are there any exercises that you recommend I do NOT do until my core has gained more strength, since I am a beginner?

  2. I love all your workout videos. Started with 10 mins Abs workout. Moved to full body workout with dumbbells. Now, have started doing pilates .. thanks for the whole journey Amy!!!

  3. Thank you Amy! today I decided to get some of my fitness back and love your video, I will stick to this one for a while until I feel more comfortable. I am planning to do pilates 3 times a week, would you advice doing this for how long before I move to a new one? thanks again. xx

  4. Love your videos and calendars. I have a question, when I do the Pilates workouts I've noticed that I feel a lot in my hip flexors. Am I doing something wrong or is that normal?

  5. Just what I was looking for good mat based work out. I have plantar fasciitis and cardio workouts are far more trouble than they are worth for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  6. Thank you so much for making this video. I finally looked at myself in the mirror and told myself there was no more excuses, I had to lose the 20 pounds I gained POST-baby! Now I get up half an hour earlier and do this workout before I get the kids ready for the day. Saves me a 30 minute drive to and 30 minute from the gym and I can shower in my own bathroom! I feel like I’m saving so much time, feeling better about myself and happier overall. Thank you Amy! 💖

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