1. Thank you for another awesome workout with Christa! I love her workouts sooo much! I've been doing various kickboxing sessions with Christa on Popsugar for almost a year now and I feel super strong! Oh, I also finally managed to reduce anxiety and improved my sleep 🙂

  2. Holy sh*t! I never sweat from workouts and plateaued doing spin 5 times a week. Did this workout and had to take multiple breaks and sweat up a storm. Good workout! Just a little hard on the wrists and cool down really wasn't a cool down w/ those damn planks! lol

  3. I have so much wrist pain after this workout! I am no stranger to planks, burpees, and push ups but this routine went overboard on resting my body weight on my wrists. Like the workout and instructor but my wrists can't handle all the moves together, even in modified.

  4. This was a very innovative workout, though I had some problems because it is wrist heavy (even if modified).

    Any suggestions for that reverse burpee? I have been trying that for years and just cannot stand up from the ground.

  5. Awesome workout and loved the trainer! She is motivating without being annoying 🙂 Love that this workout is challenging even if you are more advanced. Thanks!

  6. Oh my gosh, Christa was so fun and positive and I love the affirmations at the end. This was such a great workout! 😀 Christa, i love your energy!!

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