1. This was so challenging but I managed to get through it at my own pace I was at a point where I wanted to give up but i knew i could do it with some motivation

  2. As a mother of three I appreciate this workout very much. I don’t have too much time to get ready and “hit the gym” every day. Thank you for this!❤️

  3. I cheated a few times (I just sat down for a few seconds), but I did finish it! I do like this workout, so I’m going to try to do it every day. I’ll go by weeks and see how much of a difference I see in myself, physically and mentally. If you are lying in bed reading this, I promise you can do it. There’s no shame in only going half way or only doing the modifications. You’re beating the people on the couch still!

  4. I've been doing these popsugar workouts for about 2months and this is always the one I come back to! It's a great workout, I hope they bring Charlee back for a longer one.

  5. So I did this workout 6 days a week for a month while eating everything i normally would, and i lost 5 Ibs! Thanks so much this really helped me get through weight loss! %100 recomend!!!!💕💕

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