1. HI hasfit I love all your videos… I would like to ask you guys if you have any video with HIIT Sprint Workout??? Please let me know. Thanks

  2. you zapped all of my remaining energy with this one today. It's hot here in my hotel room as well. time to follow up with some healthy eating and early sleeping. keep up the good work HASfit

  3. That frogger move requires excellent hip and leg mobility, I'm in awe watching coach and Claudian do that move. It ain't happening for me. Not even close. I have to do mountain climbers as a substitute. Anyone else out there that can do the full move, my hats off to you,

  4. I’ve just discovered your channel and I love it! I haven’t been to the gym in a year, I’ve put on weight, lost my definition and confidence. I’ve tried so many home workouts and most of the time the people doing them are trying way too hard to make the exercises interesting and they just end up being unnecessarily complex. And most of the time I’m shouting “shut up!” at the screen because of the amount of pointless chattering 😂 you guys are positive, encouraging and your videos aren’t all about you talking. Keep doing what you do! 😊

  5. Eeek!!! I'm so excited!! You are my favorite workout channel I tell everyone how great your workouts are!! Congrats on the baby!! I'm excited because I love finding new workouts to do when pregnant 😁 I'm not expecting now but u 2 helped me fit into my wedding dress 6 months post baby! I'm a long distance runner usually but with 2 kids there is no time for running hours a day. Thank you!!!!

  6. Good routine. Cant' get my feet up near the shoulder like you guys though. My hips are about as flexible as concrete. You are flexible!! You two are like human Gumbies! I just find a way to modify the moves.

  7. You guys are the best coaches ever. After an extensive search I have found you guys and am gonna stick around. So I was normal weight abt 1 and a half year back and gained almost 16 kgs gradually post delivery and now trying to lose weight with the help of your workout. Will your workout be helpful in achieving my target ? Plz let me know. Thank you once again for ur amazing workouts

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