1. Thank you for using ladies with muscular legs! I really appreciate your fitness instructors have all different body types. It gives me a chance to see women who look like me at fitness levels I can aspire to.

  2. This was a great workout… for my BRAIN! And I'm sweating buckets too!!! Dance doesn't let me zone out so I got a lot from this workout. Will definitely do again.

  3. FABULOUS dance workout, it's just challenging enough to keep me coming back each day to perfect it! I'm also having so much fun that I nearly forget I'm sweating. 🙂

  4. This really is one of the best dance workout video in the Youtube Game. Didn't see time passing, it was just pure fun! thanks a lot!

  5. ok first workout of 2019 just done, I haven't made some exercise in a while so this worked super well for me since I'm a beginner again lol thank you! <3

  6. I have awful coordination and no skill at remembering choreography, but this one was actually easier to follow and resulted in a decent workout. Definitely good for low impact and less intense cardio with a decent sustained burn..

  7. I messed all moves, did many mistakes bc I just cant to remember all of this, but it was actually not hard and also was fun. I am all full of sweat now. ^^

  8. Definitely looking forwarded to doing this dance workout after work. Sometimes I find myself watching the same workout videos (mainly full-body strength + cardio) but this adds an extra punch in mixing up my regimen! That added boost of "sexy and confident" is also a plus with these dance cardio routines 🙂

  9. I just did this workout today it's so great! It's not just only so simple to follow but it also makes you feel the burn and makes the stress go away and makes you happy! Thanks alot, please do more of these!

  10. I have done this workout 4-5 times in the last few weeks because it is so much fun. I usually get really frustrated with dance workouts because I am a terrible dancer! I keep trying them because I can't expect to improve if I don't put the effort into a positive change, right? But then this video came out and I could get the moves enough to not be frustrated and negative toward myself. Every time I do it I sweat more and more because as I get more comfortable with the moves I can really just let go and go for it. Thanks for the fun workout!

  11. I seriously can not thank you enough for this channel. I have never been disappointed in any video. These videos have helped me lose over 100 pounds over the course of a year.

  12. That was fun! Easy enough that I learned the moves quickly but still fun. Great instructor and direction during the dancing. Would love to see more like this!

  13. I love Popsugar exercises​ they are all awesome with awesome professional instructors I love all of your videos because they are fantastic and you guys are great hope you see my amazing comment I love you guys sooo much

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