1. Allie is a powerhouse; her workouts are fun, challenging, and effective. I would definitely love to see more videos from her, I love all the ones she's made so far. Amazing coach!!!

  2. This was so challenging but so fun and rewarding! I’m shaking and gonna be sore but I feel AMAZING! Even got my boyfriend to join me, and even though leg and general lower body workouts are his LEAST favorite, he admitted that this was really fun for him too! Thanks to everyone at Popsugarfitness for always providing such quality and fun workouts !!! ^.^

  3. Solid workout. Mostly glutes and hips with some abs and shoulders – don't expect to isolate inner and outer thigh. Mostly toning moves but with some jump work. I'm an experienced exerciser but am currently at beginner/intermediate level. I found this doable but challenging, and very sweaty. 🙂

  4. Good workout but it is mostly the same circuit three times, just fyi there's not a lot of variety. Then a few ab moves at the end and almost 5 minutes of cooldown included in the 30 minute workout time. Excellent workout moves and I totally felt the burn!

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