1. This just kicked my butt! I tell all my health coaching clients about your workouts, Pahla. They're fun and challenging, and your energy keeps me motivated. Your rebounding workouts are definitely my favorite! <3

  2. Nice workout, the moves are not too complicated and there is not so much jumping (what I don't really dare). I'll have to repeat it in the evening because in the morning my heartrate doesn't get over 105, no matter how much I sweat 🙂

  3. Love these workouts. But my Fitbit said I only burned 207 calories in this workout 😛 Those jumping jacks really make my calves hurt. Great videos, thank you!

  4. Pahla, you have helped me so much through my wieght and health! You are so fab fit and fun and sure to keep a smile on everyones face while doing the most paingul moves! I do your tutorials everydat and I was wondering if you could do more rebound tutorials? Theh are amazing and super kind sweet and fun to work with! ILy!!!!♥️❤️😘Keep on keeping on girly

  5. I have only done your running workouts but decided to branch out today! Kicked my tushie, but in a good way! Did it without a rebounder, and was glad because I am pretty sure I would have fallen off- something to work on! Thank you!!

  6. I had a rebounder on my Amazon Christmas list 2 years ago as a suggestion for my husband to buy me.. He told me after not getting one, that he didn’t buy it because he didn’t want me falling off of it! (I’m a “young” 65 fairly fit lady) I bought it for myself and haven’t fallen off yet! I can see that one has to be careful especially after getting tired NOT to trip and fall. I don’t do crazy moves and I sometimes get on it throughout the day for a couple of minutes at a time. I read where it’s very good for lymph fluid movement along with all the other benefits. Thanks for the great work out! It kicked my butt!

  7. Pahla, you are AMAZING girl. Fun and full of energy! Also you are not annoying like most fitness instructors are. You have a soft and pleasant voice. It makes easier to tune in and workout with you at least 3 times a week. Keep up the good work. I'm a BIG FAN!!!

  8. Do you need a rebounder to do this? It looks like you can just do it on the floor. Are there cardio or other benefits from doing it on the bounder? Honestly, after watching the video there is no way I could do it on a bounder without killing myself! I am that uncoordinated.

  9. I was expecting some type of high-intensity squat for the finisher. Boy, am I glad you decided on pop squats rather than squat jumps! Without having the rebounder, I wasn't sure my legs would be able to finish! Definitely going to have to invest in one of those (hoping I can find one that has a net to fit around for my toddler!).

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