1. I’ve started this workout, and doing it just once a day has helped a lot! I’ll keep you all updated!

    (Also, I sleep for nine hours each night, drink two litres of water a day, eat vegetables at least three times a week, and I eat oatmeal for brekkie with two fruits.)

    Day 1: it burned a lot, but it was very effective and definitely got me out of breath.

    Day 2: it didn’t burn as much as day one, but it still had me out of breath! I feel like I’ve lost the tiniest bit of fat on my legs and lost a bit on my stomach.

    Day 3: although it’s only day three, my abs have started to become visible, and I’ve lost a bit of stomach fat. This workout has started to become easier, but I always have trouble with the CrossFit Burpees.

    Day 4: just finished doing this workout with my sister, and it hurt a lot! I’ve decided to do this workout five times a week, once a day, so I’ll do it once more tomorrow to finish off this week! The back exercises hurt a lot than anything else, but it makes my back look so beautiful!

    (Subscriber to Emi!! Her workouts are amazing and effective, and she is so real and honest and perfect!)

  2. Hi I really like your beginner hiit but I find it quite a jump to your other hiit videos. Could you make an "intermediate" hiit? Or maybe a beginner 2? Lol for the beginners like me. Thanks

  3. I love your channel! You are adorable and I love doing your short exercises. And although everything hurts I miss more cardio exercises. You know… To sweat more. Are yours more effective nonetheless?

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