1. I keep coming back to these 300's workouts in-between days of HIIT or combining a 20 minute cardio workout after the 300 biceps or triceps workout. Yasss!!! Feeling good to get my workout done for the day! Check!

  2. Was doing 10 pound weights and increased to 15 pound dumbells, my arms ar burning did the both 300 biceps and triceps struggled at the end of both but finished it. I really enjoy these workouts

  3. did this workout yesterday oh my god it was killer my arms are still in pain normally i do 40 min one for triceps so i thought 14 min is less but omg its killer , you are doing awesome job really am in love with your channel after jilian ur workouts are the best

  4. Great tricep exercises….never boring! I also like the 300 bicep segment as well. Wish there was one dedicated to shoulders too. I also like to modify this workout by increasing the weights substantially and doing 10-12 reps, 2-3 sets of each. Total burn out and really gives nice results with muscle definition…..yes I'm a girl but I like to see some definition of shoulders, triceps and biceps. Thanks for the great workouts that you guys provide!

  5. oh it's burning but while doing the one lying down with thumbells actually I feel like my triceps bone coming out the harder I go down(I'm not joking) trying to clear it hasfit is there any problem in it

  6. Keep this up!!!! Thank you for the simplicity of the workout & counting…I don't have to do crazy gyrations, stand on one leg or half the other BS I have come across on YouTube. I don't have to stop and find an interval timer, nothing…SIMPLICITY & NO NONSENSE…..

  7. Hello Coach Kozak and the HASfit Team! I have recently started following your channel since last week and I have to say you are the best! I had suffered a fracture on my left foot from Kickboxing a few months ago and I had to rest thereby letting my muscles weaken in the process. Post-recovery, I had followed a customized home workout plan which got me back on track but I still wasn't satisfied especially with my lower abs, obliques, and legs. Your workout vids changed all that. I highly appreciate that you burn yourself out along with us during the workouts and yet motivate us to keep going. Thank you so much and I am definitely going to recommend my friends to this channel.

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