1. Thank you for everything that you do. Your explanations and vocals throughout the work-out help me the most. Honestly, it is like having a personal trainer right next to me <3

  2. I wasn’t feeling too great earlier, as exam stress is really hitting me. I decided to take some time away from studying to come and workout with you (for the second time today haha!) and I feel so much calmer and happier. Thank you Kelli, and I’m incredibly glad you’re back:)

  3. This is all I needed after a long break! Thank you Kelly, and welcome back! let's get all fit again together, at our own pace 😄

  4. I just wanted to say that fitness blender has changed my life. I used to struggle to find ways to exercise that I didn’t hate. But fitness blender is fun, challenging, and full of variety. Since starting fitness blender I have lost ten pounds in a year. That may not sound like that much and for awhile I didn’t think so either and as a teenager I struggled with confidence in my body. I wanted to lose more weight faster. But fitness blender videos have encouraged me to eat a healthy diet and workout (not too much like I was tempted to do). So ten pounds may not sound like that much but I lost it healthily. Never leaving myself hungry or in pain from too much exercise. I am now closer to my fitness goals all thanks to fitness blender!

  5. I’ve never tried Pilates before and admittedly I must prefer the burn of a faster pace workout but, I really feel like this targeted the areas I was looking for and made for a great start to the morning. Thanks Kelli 😊

  6. I exercised on and off in the last 3 years. From time to time I was forced to stop for short periods of time (life happens). Sometimes Ive had to be stopped by others because even when I was very busy with work, doing night shifts or extra shifts etc I would go to the gym 4/7, or I would exercise everyday at home for 30-60 min. Then it happened that I really had to stop and it was couple months ago. Since then, I can not find motivation to workout. I became a coutch potato. Still want to do workouts but I dont know how to start all over again. The muscles Ive gained are disappearing, and am at my heaviest in my life (Ive gained 5 kilos so its still easily managable), I feel terrible sometimes like things are out of my hand. Your videos are just amazing. They are fun enought to make me, the now unmotivated, bored easily person, workout again. There are videos which are short enough for a busy day, or videos that are good for growing those legs, or slimming down that waist. But in the end of the day, the feeling of my body strong and feeling energized and not feeling sluggish and tired all the time is far better than what I see in the mirror. But I dont complain, it is a good bonus haha :). So thank you for your good work and keep it up!

  7. I tried this workout today and loved it… it was so easy to follow along and the workouts burn but didn't leave me sore afterward thanks to the cool down…so glad your back.

  8. It's so nice to have you back, Kelly! Completed 2/19/19. This workout is very easy, so I used weights to try to up the intensity. 2/5 difficulty.

  9. I didn't feel well today and thought I'd give this a try! after doing this video I feel so much better! I feel like my blood flow is better my mood has lifted 🙂 all your workouts are amazing! I've been a member of the fitness blender family for nearly a year now and I am so glad I found you guys am in shape alot more happier! I suffered with depression for a while but since doing all your workouts I've been feeling much better in myself you guys are the best!! ❤

  10. Can I follow this video daily? Or how many times a week I should make exercise? I am a beginner and want series of videos to follow on a weekly basis

  11. This video means a lot to me. The modifications and suggestions that Kelly gives her exactly what I’ve been looking for in a workout video. I’ve been using fitness blender for years but after a severe car accident 10 years ago there’s no good video saying if you can’t do squats because your ankle doesn’t bend or you have such severe arthritis, try this method. I really feel like this is the first video I’ve ever watched that helped me get A good workout on my broken and modified level. Thanks Kelli, I’m sure you weren’t planning on being an advocate for how to work out around pain and restrictions but you reached me on a level I didn’t think possible 🙂

  12. Yesss this was JUST what was needed. I've been getting over a really bad flu so I've fallen off the working out bandwagon a little and this was the perfect thing to get myself back into it. Thanks <3

  13. #YASQUEEN OUR GIRL IS BACK!!! 🙌💪👑💎 I’m coming up to 3 years working out with Fitnessblender and was excited to do this routine after a 5km walk this morning. I like to think I am at a moderate level of fitness and by the time I was done with this I was soaked 🤣 don’t knock it til you try it! As Kelli says TIGHT SQUEEZE AT THE TOP girl your booty be toasted 👌 🔥🔥🔥

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