1. I like your workout. Its all about form. I want to get my Shoulders and Delts looking like your Shoulder. But I have a long ways to go. Lol.

  2. Yoooooo i usually lift heavy but I tried this and I was dead on the 2nd super set!!!! I’ve never had a burn like this b4!!!! U really have to leave your ego at the door for this workout

  3. Big thank you! I follow ur workout routine weekly! I Like how u explain ur work covering from core being tight to weights down to ur heels etc great job💪👍✌️

  4. Hi Damien, one question for you which I could.not figure out from your description. Do we have to increase the weights progressively throughout the 4 sets of each superset or we maintain the same weight in all 4 sets ? Please let me know because I find this very important. Thank you

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