1. Okay 2 things…1) Apologies for the Mic its so frustrating but hopefully you all understand everything clearly… 2)please read the workout In the description as Dips should be included (lost the footage unfortunately 😢).
    I would like to note that I Don’t Barbell bench press much… I prefer Dumbbells.. also when I trained chest regularly I did them 2 x a week and I normally have two different workouts which I used so this is one of them… I tend to do incline and flat bench on separate chest days. Let me know if you would like the second Chest workout and I’ll film that also 🙂

  2. Can you make behind the scene video so we can learn how to properly inject roids like you…only idiot can think that you can look like this naturaly withouth any body fat.

  3. I don't usually subscribe a channel after watching one vid, but this vid was SO good. Straight to the point, clear cut, and giving little tips that are not cliche but helps alot. THANKS!

  4. You need to be more specific. You simply say a drop set on flies. By how much are you dropping what's rest time inbetween sets… basic stuff but important for people to know

  5. obi i don't know if i understand the second exercise clearly( incline dumbell press). You mean there are two ways to do right? Bring the elbow slightly bent or shoulder in line with elbow (means keep the elbow out) but not go to deep.

  6. Mr Vincent, I know that you are heavily into crossfit now and straight up weight lifing is no longer your main focus. I would like to say that your limited equipment workout videos are some of the best and most practical "lifting" content on the internet and I hope that you keep those up and maybe even occasionally update them.

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