1. hey I have some questions: are you guys familiar with the app 8fit? it gives like 10 min workouts with warmups and cool downs, my only concern is after 10 minutes the app tells me that I've approx. burned 250 cal. Is this accurate at all? How many calories do you think this 4 minute ab workout burns? Thanks for the video btw very helpful I'll do it in a few hours 🙂

  2. Can you please do a video about the glutes and how to target them (gluteus maximum/minimus/medius)? It's an important muscle that is often neglected, responsible in many body functions and calisthenics exercises. Also, if you can, demonstrate every single exercise possible (with science explaination as always) because there are so many exercises on YouTube but noone ever explaines that does it target, how to perform with maximum benefit and so on. I hope you read this. Stay strong!💪👍

  3. as an improvement for the follow along workouts: it'd be great if you count down the last 3-5 secs of every rest-session, so the listener doesn't have to look when it's starting

  4. How would you improve this workout over time? Would you say increase activation to 40 seconds and reduce rest to 20 seconds? Or you have other recommended method for growth?

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