1. Dear Vince Sant thank you for this good workout for today. i am taking it very slow today with my workout. I do a lot of running in the morning and also in the afternoon as well. Love, Kaley B

  2. Amazing….thanks a lot . I got a question about something bothers me, I was 50k but after I started working out at the gym I became 55k , I hate it! Is there anyway to be 50 even with muscle mass??
    Thanks in advance

  3. Mr. Shredder, I love the video, great stuff, what I would like to know is: what's happened to 4-minute Fridays? Or has it being discontinued? I love these follow-along videos!?!?!? Because I do the same ab workout for the whole month and then on the first of every month I always change my routine, I like the idea that you introduce new exercises to your workouts, by the way, can you keep on introducing new exercises to your videos and workouts, please, keep these 4-minute Sunday videos coming, thank you!?!?!!?

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