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  2. I enjoy to exercise at home and your channel is my fav 😻😻i do it almost everyday my weight not lost but i have more muscle fit and firm❤️❤️❤️ thanks and keep do it ))) support and always stay tuned

  3. I was excited to see a 40 minute video. I enjoy working out to the routines you create. I truly appreciate the dedication you put in to help others have a fit and healthy body.Thanks Marischa.

  4. Terrific combination of cardio and bodyweight strength.! I really enjoyed that last exercise, Power Pulls. It really felt like it worked by booty, arms and core. Thanks Marischa for another great workout.

  5. In your workout plz give some excersise for breast increase, your all workout is very affective,and it's very affective to my body. I like your workout very much.Thank you.Heeba Manzoor 👍👍👍

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