1. This workout is amazing, but I definitely need 2kg weights! 1kg is not going to cut it. I love these videos, I do one almost every morning in my apartment. Looking and feeling good!

  2. Lisa is my favorite guest trainer! I always feel the burn during her workouts she's personable and down to earth but pushes you at the same time. Love it!

  3. me: i just want a nice gentle pilates workout for today, no sweat, something easy. this workout should be perfect…..
    narrator: she was mistaken

    haha such a good workout and burn dang those buns of steel

  4. AMAZING workout. My only complaint is there needs to be more time for stretching at the end. What good is 5 seconds per stretch going to do?

  5. I know if pilates is in the title, it will be significantly harder than the other videos. Same with trainer Kit Rich's videos! They are all killer. If I want an easier day, I'll do the other videos

  6. Amazing workout! I love that these are available for free. I consider myself to be fairly fit but… this kicked my butt! Thank you for putting modifications for the harder exercises!

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