1. 2nd time round I did this workout! It's definitely a toughie, even though I had to pause a few times still proud, because of the awesome encouragement of the trainers! Thanks for the workout!

  2. Yes im happy I finished my inner thighs are burning. I will try it again just to do better than I did this time. I'll be ready💪

  3. My T-Shirt Literally says " Wake Up TEACH Be Awesome!" Great Workout ladies and thanks for sharing your disability, All women of any age, shape, size and fitness level can FEEL THE BURN !

  4. my shirt says THANK YOU, i started feeling confident about my body thanks to pop sugar workouts, and i loved this one…
    but my legs are gonna hate me tomorrow!

  5. Omg! This workout really left me half dead and super confident! I really enjoyed how positive and encouraging everyone was. I will share results soon.

  6. OMG my legs felt like they weighed 100 Ibs each on the reverse plank leg lift! Thanks so much for this workout. You are such an inspiration Tara Lyn!

  7. thank you for this workout. It was awesome. I feel great. actually its not only a workout video but you inspire people to be their best so thanks for that also

  8. I was screaming 'mad girls' throughout the workout. It was so tough. I couldn't keep up them so had to take multiple long breaks! But man that sweet feeling after finishing it. Kinda feeling doing it for whole week to become stronger 🙈

  9. I love this 40-minute workout! It kicks your butt without being too complicated, and there is a good variety to keep things interesting and prevent strain on one area of the body. Trainer is very motivating!

  10. As someone with extremely mild cerebral palsy and has issues with their legs and feet this trainer is so inspirational. Gives me that “Yes I can” attitude when so many have told me I can’t ❤️

  11. I found you through the suggested videos. First Your videos are very informative. I just started a YouTube Channel so i am definitely doing my research.Thanks For your help. Keep it up! Just Subscribed.

  12. That was sooo good! I usually go for strength training but I’ve been trying to switch it up. That was a perfect blend of cardio, toning, sweat and stretch. Mahalo from Waikiki!

  13. Wow this one was tough! Would love to repeat it again soon to see if my fitness has improved. Some exercises I had to modify. Loved this workout! Tara Lyn is a trooper! Very inspiring person. She was talking throughout and made it seem so easy. Would love to see her again soon x

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