1. Nice workout…my band wouldn’t let me be great so just modified using my own body weight which believe you me is suffice????…traveling so this was perfect! Completed 4/20/19 (one mile walk warm-up)

  2. Thank you thank you! Day 63……looking, feeling fit- down 24lbs- 7 pounds from my goal weight! This 40 min resistance band work out is the best!

  3. I am currently travelling in SE Asia and bought a resistance band as I don’t have my dumbbells with me. I found this workout on the internet and absolutely love it. I’ve now subscribed to the HASFit channel and done several other no equipment workouts. I’ll be taking the premium subscription when I get home, as I’m finding their style to be motivational without being annoying and their workouts are inventive and challenging. Excellent work guys. Keep it up and thank you!!!!!

  4. You guys are just amazing. I am trying to follow your resistance band workout videos and it feels so energetic as well as light at the end.. kudos coaches

  5. Hey there from Australia 🙂 Thanks for the video…can you do this every day or do your muscles require a day rest in between like working with free weights ? thanks

  6. Can yo tell us the resistance of the bands you’re using? I’m struggling with mine! But compared with the weights is so different, Thank You very much!

  7. I took my resistance band with me while travelling and did this one. It was awesome! I wasn't sure if I would like the band but I really enjoyed the change from dumbbells and body weight, it's nice to have a variety of moves.

  8. GREAT workout HASFIT! Shocked smaller muscles, ligaments, and tendons we tend to forget in our workouts. Awesome for increasing range of motion. Muscles shaking and happy afterward! Woke them up! THANKS AGAIN!
    Suggestion for "older" exercisers. On lat pull – down simulation; I moved the band to the front instead of the posterior position. Put less stress on shoulder/rotator – cuff.

  9. Great workout first time in ages that I done this type of workout really enjoyed it thanks to you both I really like your fitness videos ????????????????????????

  10. Not so hard as most of the workouts, but quiete nice when you are in a Hotel room on a business travel and have no other possibility. Thank you again for all the diversity you offer. I guess anyone should find a suitable workout for him or herself. Great work!!

  11. Another great band workout. Love how you two push us without guilting us and encourage us to make each workout our own. Love all your videos; keep the band workouts coming!

  12. Fabulous workout. Challenging balance and strength with NO joint pain. Love it! My joints are also members of the HASfit tribe! You may know them as Snap, Crackle and Pop 😉

  13. Im trying to get in shape should i do these exercises everyday? How long till i see results? summers here and i need to get a little tonned. love your videos love from the UK

  14. I knew I needed to get stronger as I age. Not only do I feel challenged by your workouts but I also feel you teach and demonstrate good form. Really love your warm ups and post workout stretches, they really are on point. Thanks for your expertise, whole hearted commitment and smiling hearts!

  15. great workout looking forward.. one query I m doing with weights too so what should b the routine for these bands like in a week how many days using dumbbells and band I can do my workout.. pls reply me..

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