1. hitting like without even watching !! Amazing as always and it's so joyful seeing you transforming in front of us, god bless and the baby, wish you a healthy, easy pregnancy. Lots of love <3333

  2. I love this workout… and all of your workouts, really I do. I dont know why this one just felt more like a giant advertisement than a work out and I got super annoyed. It took me to the 3rd or 4th time I did it to get to that annoyed point, but I got there. This seems to be the only video that feels like a 45min long advertisement so I guess it could be worse. LOVE THIS WORK OUT THOUGH. Im just gonna do it on silent from now on lol.

  3. If you enjoy workouts with commercials, this gal is for you. Every 5 minutes she reminds you how much she loves her fitness band.
    The workout is a beginners class and it is for women which she will tell you at the end of the video.

  4. Super long warmup and cool down (17 minutes total). Too long for length of workout, but I loved the actual workout portion! Also, that 191 cals they burned is nowhere near “major” for a 45 minute workout.

  5. Gosh my calories are up at 362 and I was hitting 170 easy at points…such an unhealthy sausage. Thanks for a great workout ladies, always keeping me motivated!!! Love it! 😁 x

  6. This is a great workout hitting the full body! Actual workout is around 38 minutes, but I was pretty much burnt by that point. I also appreciated the long stretch at the end. Love Anna's energy!!!

  7. As per Anna's request…….I had a lot of fun doing this workout, but I didn't track my calories or my heart rate, because I don't have a Samsung Gear Sport watch (although, I just got a Samsung Galaxy A5 phone that I love). Also, I know I should have a healthy meal after the workout, and it is breakfast time, but I'm not really hungry now, because I was hungry last night after volunteering at my friends' show, so I made myself a bowl of oatmeal for an evening snack, and I'm still full after that.

  8. I normally do dance and jumping workouts for cardio, but my ankles get swollen recently, so I wanted something with lower impact. God, I was very wrong that this would be low impact 😉 I'm a big sweaty mess, but that was amazing!!! 🙂

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