1. Love Simon's dance workouts that burn some serious calories. I'd love to see you on your channel DeAnn Berry (she did Pump It UP workout videos). Her dance style is amazing – fun and calorie torching but easier to follow when 1st time done unlike Tracy Anderson (we'd love to see her too on your channel).

  2. Popsugar always there making me pour sweat: ew but that’s the point. Super intense 47 minutes! I know it may scare you at first but you can do it babes 💪🏻

  3. Just tried this after not doing regular Zumba for two years or more. Loved it! Well taught and they don't expect you to be a dancer, very encouraging. Dripping in sweat and can't wait to do it again 😁

  4. I love this! I’m going to try to do this at least 3x a week! It’s hard to find workouts I can do since my car accident last year because I have severe damage to my neck and back. I know I’m the minority, but I appreciate the music not being too loud because my hearing has been affected and I can’t understand what people are saying in a lot of work out videos, but I could understand this perfectly. I needed this. I lost 50 lbs before my wreck, but have gained 20 back now because I have to rest so much and can’t hardly work out. That’s very stressful because we are planning on getting married soon as well. I hope this works, I love Simone. She makes working out fun and I have full faith in this😊

  5. Je suis française et j'ai adoré la chorégraphie amusante et originale. Je la travaille 3 fois par semaine. J'espère trouver d'autres Cardio Dance avec vous!

  6. This was a pretty fun dance cardio workout! Even though I rolled my left ankle during the first round of learning the step outs, I carefully kept at it and was bee-bopping my way through the entire 45 minutes–not necessarily in perfect hippity hoppity step, but good enough to keep up a sweat and feel the burn in my legs.

  7. It’s nice to try something different even tho I look like a hot mess while doing it. 😂 Got the routine down about halfway sometimes in my own rendition but at least I kept moving. That’s what I like about dancing. Even if you look wild at least you’re movin the body.

  8. I absolutely love Simone! I'm not a dancer but she breaks it down in a way that is easy to follow. Even when I don't add in the arms I get a great workout and have a ton of fun doing it!

  9. Fun workout that is well within my physical capabilities (despite being a 57 yo male) but it's remembering the routine I can't keep up with (nor could I when I tried classes like this in my 20s). Perhaps if you wrote on the screen what is coming next it would be easier to follow?

  10. I really enjoyed this dance, this video was nearly perfect! I feel like the trainer could have done better with the counts, they weren't always on. Again, nearly perfect!

  11. Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, bounce, bounce bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!!!!! You’ll be sorry in years to come. There are so many other fun ways to get your heart rate up without all of this NONSTOP impact to your joints.

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