1. any suggestions for a woman that has had a c section to tighten the belly? I wana look good again so bad!! thanks for the video!! I'm going to check out your other videos!!?

  2. Everyone who saying that this is too hard or "can you make one for beginners?" Or "my back hurts or this hurts or that hurt." Go do another workout that suites you!!! Let's just be thankful that she and the whole Athlean XX peeps make videos to help us be the best we can be. Y'all are greedy and needy!!!

  3. I've gone gone through many videos but this one……………… No words.. I'm going to bed now with a lot of pain in my abs and full of confidence on my mind. Thanks a lot. Keep ur works up. Good luck. 🙂

  4. You should start by letting viewers know that these exercises are NOT good for women with weak pelvic floor (and definitely not for women with prolapse). In fact, women after a certain age should avoid planks, crunches and exercises that involve both legs off the floor at the same time, because these exercises push down on the pelvic floor. Look up pelvic floor safe abdominal exercises instead.

  5. This is the perfect ab work out for me! I've watched tons and I finally feel the burn purely in my abs it's amazing! I'll be doing this for a month 3 days a week, repeating twice; will update if anyone wants it.

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  8. Me before trying the exercises she did: "Why are my abs non existent? She has abs.. how hard can it be?!"
    Me after trying the exercises she did: "abs are useless.. I'm going to exercise my brain and read a book"

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