1. Homie just goes to show people how important the abs are he has 5 exercise for just the lower abs a hole workout just goes to show people it’s a lot of work working you whole body every day takes many hours

  2. Dumb question for ya.. what's the best way to check how much body fat I'm at? Also, what is the best, most effect way to burn side fat (love handles) ? That's my biggest issue to get rid of.. Thanks!!

  3. Only do these exercises if you don’t want a 6 pack (as visualized). The only decent ab movement is the med ball crunch.
    Try supporting your lower back during abdominal flexion. The support enables your lower abs to flex and you’ll actually get a 6 pack.
    Everything demonstrated lacks this element and relies on hip flexors to pull the legs up vs abdominal flexion.
    A little basic kinesiology and anatomy goes a long way in fitness. Hopefully you can develop some strong abdominal muscles eventually by implementing some new techniques.

  4. Wow those are some really insane ad work out and I’m definitely gonna start them this week. I’m all interested in seeing your wider biceps work and your blue print to losing chest fat. I do have a lot of chest and abdominal fat I’d like to get rid of.

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