1. What’s your opinion on the more western style look? I work at a western outfitters store and am absolutely in love with Ariat’s slim waist and thigh cut jeans. They’re still a little looser and obviously boot cut, but I live in cowboy boots and probably always will, and they look great with pretty much all my different boots. The popular look is the square toe, but I am still rocking the classic pointy toe I inherited from my grandfather. Love the content! Keep it coming.

  2. One the reasons why he is my fav YouTuber is that he doesn’t have countless ads like some other YouTubers 🙄

  3. Just left Waikiki a few days ago, awesome time, enjoy! If your in that area hit up Rum Fire and Kelley O’Neil’s for night life, also Buho Mexican restaurant for Salsa night on Saturday, side note the food is really good as well. Get yourself some shave ice and moco loco 😋👍🏻 If your into surfing there are plenty of cheap rental places near the beach, just not the ones on the beach. If you are in to hiking there are lots of great trails to go to but remember to bring lots of water. If you want to go out and not have it be touristy head up to Chinatown in Honolulu, plenty of bars and small clubs there. Have fun and be safe. Shaka! 🤙🏻

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