1. I am going to try this workout once a day for two weeks! I will post results after each week.
    Day 1: Done
    Day 2: Done
    Day 3: Done
    Day 4: Done

  2. I am gonna do this for 14 days and will keep you updated x
    Day1 – done it, all good, was abit out of breath but all fine I’ll update you tomorrow x
    Day2- not as hard but still difficult I’ll update you again tomorrow x

  3. Hey emi love u so much …….I have a big lower belly pooch plzz help emi I need ged rid from it I need your help …..I follow some of your workouts and just love them

  4. I've been doing this workout 2 times per day for the past four days (in the morning and before bed). Hope I'll shed a few pounds, feels so nice to actually move my nugget butt a little. I'll share my result after two weeks, wish me luck y'all

  5. thanks to every work out that Emi gave from youtube. I already lost 11 kg from December 2018 until now (May 2019). Thank you so much, I love you so much Emi.

  6. I have some lower belly fat to lose. I'm not overweight but my belly is big, will do this for 2 weeks, and let you guys know the result.
    Fattest part of my belly: 81 cm

  7. Been searching for workout videos and I'm pleased to have landed to your videos!! Will try this now! I am so motivated to lose my body fat, thank you Emi! <3 More power!

  8. I really want to try this but not for now because my muscles are weak i cant do even 1 butterfly sit-up (Without any weight on my feet) so firstly i want to be able to do one butterfly sit-up
    When i manage to do it i will try this

  9. I will do this workout for 2 week (from 9 april 2019 to 22 april 2019, with a healthy and balanced diet)
    Height: 148 cm
    Weight: 51,6 kg

    Day 1: done
    Day 2: done
    Day 3: done
    Day 4: done
    Day 5: done
    Day 6: done
    Day 7: done

  10. so I'm kind of confused on what to eat to not gain weight again while doing these exercises? any person who lost lots of weight from emi channel please tell me on what you ate and what I should cut off apart from junk food. I'm only 56kg and my goal right now is to lose 6kg = 50kg average weight and I want to do this morning, afternoon and night so then I can lose weight 3x lets see ill update everyday

    sunday: WOW that was a hectic workout I'm gonna eat less food and cut down jungkook to qurater piece of chips or something that has less calories ( personally I think looking at the fat and calories will help me figure out what will effect my weight or not )

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