1. This one is best used to get ready for your high school reunion. Haha Ya feel me babes? Don't lie I know I did that. What other hip hop songs should we create a choreography to? Hit us up!

  2. Thank you Ashley for a hip hop video that I can do all the way through. I didnt feel like a looser afterwards because I was able to actually do it.
    Thank you

  3. Love that even when i don’t feel like doing anything I can do one of your videos and get my steps for the day and burn way more calories than pacing the house. So much fun!! I think you will have me convinced that I can actually dance soon.

  4. Love Love LOVE IT!!!! You are so easy to follow and I just LOVE your energy! Thank you for sharing your videos so we can dance with you at home! I was thinking of a song for a routine…”Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown? Or is that too slow? 🙂 Thank You!!!

  5. Damn, your uploads are really cool! we have some videos that are really alike!! Just keep posting awsome stuff, I'll be there watching 🙂 feel free tosubscribe to my channel as well and hook me up anytime for a collab 🙂

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