1. I just found your channel and I love it so far….I can’t wait to try these exercises and integrate them into my morning routine. I didn’t like the music though and found it distracting and irritating. Other than that, wonderful video and thank you!

  2. Am I the only one who got exhausted doing the warm up jumping? This 52 year old body has a long way to go! I just found your channel and I wanted to thank you in helping me in my journey of better health and fitness!

  3. Love your hairstyles. Pretty & sexy. You look like the kind of mom, that every mother wishes she looked like! When they talk to you, they are blown away by your genuine love & care for others!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have exercise induced asthma had it since I was a little girl so I can’t do all that jumping around bouncing and such so on and so in the place of all of that what do you recommend for us that have exercise induced asthma?

  5. I am 35 will be 36 in September. I had a c-section 13 almost 14 months ago. Every ab workout video I have tried pulls my lower stomach where the scar is. This video is so helpful and doesn’t pull. Thank you for it!

  6. Thnks so much, im sad at myself, because since the fall, life stresses & family illnesses got to me, & as a result i let go of all the good exercises i WAS doing..having to start all over can be discouraging. This seems easy enough & do-able, maybe it will jump start me, in a more gental way! Ugh😔😚

  7. Thank you for showing me doable exercises. I have been doing your toned arm exercises and getting rid of belly fat exercises each day for one month. My stomach is looking much more firmer and my arms are great. I am so pleased with myself. Now I can actually see the results I am determined to continue on doing the 2 short exercises each day. Thank you. 🤗

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