1. Hi wanted some info im 70+ used to be a workout holic in my early 30 i love exercising till i had an openbheart surgery after a month of surgery i started skipping walking 50ths now ive had a stroke again lost my grip in the left hand.but still want to get rid of the flab in my arms hate the look.of it so want to start your programme is it ok for me now i have dumbles of 1 kg each hand is that the right amount i need?please guide me.thanks.

  2. I tried this using 2 lb weights and have to say this is a killer workout! I hope I can eventually do the whole thing without putting my arms down lol

  3. Just started working on toning the arms and trying to get rid of those awful old lady bat wings. I only have 4# walking wights (the soft ones with the straps). Do I need to get dumbbells or will I get results with the walking weights?

  4. Good workout. What I would find helpful in advance is to know: 1. What is the set list and how you do each one before starting. 2. How long to do each one. (i.e., 10 pulses, etc.)

  5. Been doing this routine with 2 to 3# wts every other day (sometimes on consecutive days) for just two wks and I see a noticeable difference in my arm definition.😊

  6. Just did this it’s hard but super quick and I did put my arms down a few times but will work my way up to not putting them down. You feel the burn and it feels great because you know it’s working! Strongly recommend.

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