1. Hey is it normal for your shoulders to be kinda sore the next day if it’s your first time doing this shoulder workout. If done many of your others with no problem so I’m not new to working out just curious.

  2. People complain about not having a “full workout”, but what I like about these 5 min workouts is that you can put them together to create full workouts, and these are actually pretty hard! Especially the explosive workouts

  3. Everyone in the comments is saying “omgosh austin is on roids!1!1!1!1”. Have you guys taken into account that Austin is crazy shredded, trains 3-5 hours a day, and has amazing genetics that us blacks have? I mean come on, give credit where it is deserved. The guy is huge already then the low body fat also gives the illusion that he is bigger. Stop being so critical of a hardworking man and get in the gym and put in some work💪

  4. For everyone complaining about 5 minute workouts being too easy
    …If you repeat this 4 more times it's an advance workout post a video of yall doing this for 5 sets with only 2 minute breaks in between each 5 minute set lol then come talk about advanced workout lol

  5. To all the people saying the workouts are too short. Have you even done them properly? You don't need a ton of exercises for every muscle group. Do the right ones with high intensity and you'll see results.

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