1. At first I found these excersises hard to do. After one month of daily practice, I am used to them and find them lovely. Also my arms seem a bit more toned! Thank you do much!

  2. I am 2 months shy of my 70th Birthday. I discovered your videos a few weeks ago and am faithfully doing them every other day. I feel they are very beneficial for my total body strength. Question- I do 5 min Toned arms, Leg Workout, 5 minute abs, and Indoor walking. Are there some others I should add to the routine, and can I do these everyday? Or should I alternate? With a different exercise routine? Thanks for your positive attitude, and am grateful for Fabulous 50 ( even though I am way past those years). 😉Thanks Shellae!

  3. Love this lady and her workouts but have a seriously bad back and not sure if i should attempt them.
    Why are there no workouts for people like me in mind ?

  4. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 thank you Schellea your workouts really work and pack that Punch 🤛 you are keeping me going to keep fit while I await my surgery so thank you so much 😊 my daughter who is only 25 loves them too 🌈🦋🌈 enjoy you day

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