1. What to do please if (as I have) an old shoulder and neck injury, and a knee injury, so plank, push-ups, and squats are tricky/ painful/ not possible, but that's nearly half the work-out.. :(( ..??

  2. Thank you so much for the realistic starting amounts of repetitions!!
    Any chance of some videos with only 'average'/'normal' people rather than ones who look like models and totally perfect abs etc, is depressing, tho I suppose it's to show that the routine works! I have some 'large' friends who probably will stay large but can get fitter and bendier, be good to see some in that situation do the workout :))

  3. A question that OLDER people should be asking: Why is it that only the very young and in perfect shape females & males are shown in these and other exercises? It’s because one CANNOT achieve the alleged results if she is over 40 years old. If it was that simple or even possible, older women/men would have been used in these exercises.

  4. Do you mean t
    On the weekly plans to do the exercise for the slotted time with a 15 second rest before going on to the next exercise? Example….am I supposed to hold the plank for three minutes with a 15 second break before going onto the next exercise?

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