1. In my opinion, for the boxer braids, I would do Dutch braids. Just cause Dutch braids ore usually tighter and your hair will stay in the braid better. But that's just my hair. And my opinion.

  2. I really really love watching your vids! But can you come over in the morning and help me do my daughters hair?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can do it but it never looks as cute as yours!

  3. 21 years old 23:55 on September 1st still not a uni student still unemployed still to go back to college and try completing any course/s British Indian and I'm desperately even further researching all sorts of topics online crying stressing watching listening countless videos too on YouTube including yours it help when you're already blessed and gorgeous like you but yet I'm still an ugly ethnic tragic hated misjudged stereotyped bullied damaged stupid dumbo to say least hovering about existing for nothing whose ruined my family's and my own life I honestly have every reason to quit but in too weak to just give up and die anyhow back to hairstyle please pray for me Hannah as I'm not blessed with already Perfecr hair and beauty and skills like you and is totally appreciate and Also I wish I could make new friends and improve my currently failing unproductive embarassing life to say least I'm not completely useless believe it or not but there's insane amount of problems to overcome and I feel like having support would make the process of healing quicker anyway in a 21 year old British Born Full Indian Bullied Ugly Unemployed Volunteer Yet Very Brave and I would be honoured to make new friends online and offline and get followers and subscribers and likers and maybe even genuine fans etc ha thanks in advance. Grace xxx ๐Ÿ€

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