1. My pre workout – 2 cups of black coffee
    My post work out – Creatine Monohydrate
    My protein – plenty of natural grass fed meats

    That is my supplement routine 🤘

  2. I see nothing wrong with taking supplements , you can go full natyral but its gona be really based on time and genetics so its not even worth it . Living in a society where everything is fake starting from food , trying to look godly and natural seems weird to me.

  3. the best thing to do for success at anything is push forward at all avenues, if creatine is good for the advanced lifter, its good for the beginner also.

  4. I love your videos, only workout channel I watch anymore. Learned so much about working out and taking into consideration damage to my body with certain exercises. Great videos.

  5. Hey Jeff, I’ve been working out for about 6 months and I just recently stopped taking creatine because it made me look like an absolute blowfish and I got tired of looking like that. What are your thoughts? I’ve also been a very active soccer player and swimmer all my life so I’m not new to hard work.

  6. I'm a skinny guy just starting out. I want to get bigger before uni in a year's time. Im super dedicated to doing this. Does anyone have some advice? Thanks! Really appreciate it

  7. Thank you Jeff. I love your videos because I can tell you actually care about giving out the proper advice. The passion you have for body building is abundantly evident and I always find your advice useful. Keep up the good fight, brother.

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