1. I'm 18 and 5'2" and after watching this video, I finally booked my first agent and I've already got fashion shows and photo shoots booked. It's possible you guys! Don't let height and weight affect your determination and attitude!

  2. First audition tomorrow at 2:30 !! I’m 5”11 and my sister is the same height and she’s top model for this show next year and I’m trying out for it tomorrow a bit nervous!

  3. I’m 15 and 5’9 and while I myself am not the most confident (especially with my face) I have been told by many others that my body is stunning. I might apply to some agencies later on but I’m not really sure yet. Hopefully it’s something I can succeed in! I just gotta work on loving myself a bit more first 🖤

  4. I’m 11 and I really want to become a hair model, but I’m insecure about my appearance so I don’t think I will get in but it’s fine I’ve crushed another dream of mine

  5. Models do need to start with a modeling agency nearest to where they live. Because 99% won’t have what it takes to model in Paris, 90% won’t be signed in New York, 70% won’t have what it takes to model through a Dallas agency. 50% won’t have what it takes to book paid jobs in Tulsa.

  6. I’m 14 turning 15 and I’m around 5’9-5’10 and I’m pretty skinny but I have some.. kinda a lot of acne and I wanna be a model but I don’t know if I’m cut out because of my acne. No products seem to work on my face. I’ve heard a lot that I should be a model. Can you give any suggestions on how I can become one and anything about the acne part ?

  7. I am 5’ 7” and 14 years old, I’m half asian and half Caucasian and I am hoping to go to some open calls in the next few days! I’m super nervous to tell my mom I want to do this but she has said before that she is okay with me doing this. Ahh

  8. Ouu girl where you get your jeans from?? So cute but idk who needs to hear this but height isn’t everything follow your dreams regardless what anyone tells you! I am a petite model and it can be discouraging sometimes but do not say no for someone else let them tell you no and if they still say no make it happen for yourself 😉you got it

  9. I'm trying to get my grand daughter in the biz but have lots of ? like everytime I go to a place or open call they want to sell me something. Is it true you have to spend money on class & training?

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