1. I have been doing the same thing with fats. I cannot stand fat free greek yogurt so instead I have full fat plain yogurt which I find delicious and I am still losing weight.

  2. I agree with everything you say. I'm new to WW and the social app Connect frustrates me to death. People are eating lots of 0 points to save up points to eat M&Ms, ice cream cones and chips. In addition, they then allow themselves to "splurge" on their weekly points. I love how you got to know yourself and what your triggers are—then just deleted them out of your diet completely. I mean, if people are addicted to chips, limiting themselves to 8 chips, for instance, in order to stay inside the daily points, is a recipe for disaster—and Connect is full of people that lost control of the number! You are very smart and very pretty. A good role model. I think I'm going to stay off of Connect and look for more videos like yours. To me, Connect is a weird place where many (not all) people seem to support each other's eating disorders.

  3. I completely agree with you about cutting out the “danger zone” foods because I also have a hard time trying to control the amount of the danger zone foods for me, so I have not been bringing those types of foods home anymore because I’m setting myself up for failure. I also agree strongly as well about the Good Fats they are truly very important for your heart & brain and your over all good health1

  4. OMG thank you! I am brand new to WW and what you said about the 3 Cs at the ends is ME ALL THE WAY! I must avoid those things, as they are also my binge foods. Thank you for all the good ideas, you look beautiful! =)

  5. I love your take on the healthy fats! I used to do keto and I keep some of the principles in mind while trying out ww. I do also appreciate that ww is not as scared of fats as it used to be. This is my favorite version of ww that I’ve tried so far and I’m hoping to see positive results in the near future ❤️

  6. I think you are right on the money about the healthy fats. And I as well do much better without the processed snacks in my kitchen because I can’t stay out of them. I don’t binge but like you said they are temptations I find hard to resist.

  7. Two tablespoons of avocado are just one point so that's what I put on my salads nightly. I am able to eat small servings of crackers, just put them in a small snack bag first. But I'm sure your exercise is helping you maintain, oh to be young and healthy! Nothing seemed "weird" to me, though!!!!

  8. I just found your video today for the first time. I find it fascinating that I followed the exact same strategies that you outlined here. And I too have not once plateaued, having steadily dropped my weight now for a year I am successfully down 90 pounds. To me it was just common sense and it just worked for me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. im so glad i found your videos! im in my first month of ww and your videos have been helpful for me. also your well spoken and easy to listen to. now im a new subscriber 🙂

  10. Hi, I'm Olivia too 🙂 I just recently restarted WW. Have had success with it in the past, but fell off the wagon. Funny thing…. I ate a half an avocado today and tracked it as 1/4 avocado because I believe it is a very healthy food that I think is an important part of my diet. Then I saw your video and felt vindicated. I won't do it every day, but I do think it is reasonable to do that with certain foods. 
    Also, from previous diet experiences I have found if my fat intake is too low I don't lose weight. Obviously if it is too high I don't lose weight either, But several times in the past when I was plateauing if I ate a few olives or a few nuts or some avocado… it seemed to help get me off the plateau.

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