1. Were you guys worried about cholesterol at all? I'm considering a bulk diets where I eat 6 eggs along with other stuff and I'm nervous about that being too much.

  2. I think that on such a diet the eggs should be soft boiled, because in their fried version they lose a lot of their values and frying requires adding fat which isn't good for dieting.

  3. I am on a one day DF now (maybe two) and then soup and juice fast and smoothie fast, and then a peskatarian and plant base only (veggie soups mostly) for a week. I may throw in a 3 day egg fast.

  4. I’m on a diet where I only have one Hard Boiled Egg for each meal. Today I exercised as much as I could and burned 380 calories compared to the 234 consumed 🙂

  5. Just saying I wouldn’t recommend this, most people think eggs are healthy but they are high in cholesterol and can cause breast cancer

    Also in case you didn’t know, the egg industry grinds baby male chicks alive because they are “useless” to them.

  6. It would probably be safe to add heavy doses sea salt, potassium, magnesium and up your water content. This is basically a strict ketogenic protocol so troubleshooting the Keto side effects would be beneficial. Thanks for sharing your experiences. You are appreciated.

  7. BULLSHIT You don't loose as much body fat as you claim up to 10 pound in 6 days? you loose maybe water but not Fat, but its 2019 so why not tell bullshit just for the sake of getting some likes and subscribers

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