1. Alright so I’ve done this for 30 something days not sure but I can tell you there is a lot of change. I’m a 14 year old male 5’10” and before I started I weighed 137-8( not to sure) I was pretty skinny but I still had some fat on me. After the 30 days I weighed 133-4 and my height was one inch taller. I can feel my abs but not see them perfectly but in the right lighting I can definitely see them I didn’t change my diet but I did a lot of cardio because I’m in a basketball team. My diet consisted of junk food burgers burritos anything a kid would eat x 4 I ate a lot but weighed so little and now I’m gonna do 30 days with diet changed see you then

  2. Okay do u have to do ALL of those workouts or can u miss one? Also do you do this everyday or every second day? Or less I’m confused… I wanna do this and I’m 13.

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